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OO Hardwood Flooring Aurora provides high-quality hardwood floor installation and hardwood floor refinishing in the local suburbs. We have over 15 years of experience in the business, making us a trusted name among households and commercial properties. If you want to spruce up your office space with laminate flooring Aurora services or your home is up for a wood floor refinishing soon, we are the company to call! 

Our expert contractors have excellent training in the craft, so you can rely on their skills and work at any point of your laminate floor installation or floor refinishing Aurora. We keep our service rates affordable so you can enjoy amazing flooring within a reasonable budget. Our team never compromises quality when it comes to our flooring work. In fact, we place great value in the smallest details that matter when installing or refinishing your flooring, whether for personal or public use. We do it best at OO Hardwood Flooring Aurora!

Wide Range Of Services Offered By Our Hardwood Flooring Contractors Aurora

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our hardwood floor installation Aurora will leave your flooring fabulous and sturdy for years to come. Choose from a wide variety of our wood types, sizes, and cuts, then leave all the work to us! Let us know when you want yours installed and we will schedule it ASAP.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

No matter how damaged your floors are, our company can redeem its excellent quality using premium materials and solutions. We will clean, refinish, and shine your hardwood flooring Aurora until you are fully satisfied! With our expertise, we can effectively reduce deterioration and give your flooring a factory finish.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Any type of hardwood flooring Aurora is bound to require repair at one point or another. At our company, we provide reliable flooring repairs that will properly address all sights of damages, gouging, and cracking. We restore dilapidated wood floors back to their pristine condition. Bring back life to your flooring today!


Laminate Floor Installation

Our laminate flooring can effectively withstand walking pressure from children, pets, and rugged footwear. Fluids are also not a problem, thanks to their water-resistant composition. Our laminate wood flooring Aurora is easy to install and maintain over time. Book the earliest schedule possible with our flooring contractors.


Wood Floor Sanding

Our sanding service provides a nice finish to your hardwood floor in Aurora. We can apply it to oak, maple, walnut, hickory, and other flooring colors. We use heavy-duty equipment to ensure a proportional finish. Get in touch with us for the wood floor sanding Aurora.

Wood Floor Staining

Our wood floor staining service Aurora can do wonders for your existing flooring. We can restore worn-out and dull-looking flooring to give your residential or commercial property a fresh start again. We pay attention to the staining material we use to ensure the success of the project. Call us!

We provide premier hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor installation, and laminate floor installation Aurora. Give us a call to avail of our services and our contractors will be with you as soon as possible. Send us an email or book a schedule through a phone call.

Why OO Hardwood Flooring? Trust Our Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing Aurora Contractors

Safe & Clean

Hardwood floors are durable, clean, and safe. Compared to other flooring materials, a hardwood floor promotes clean air and does not accumulate allergens. They only need weekly cleaning maintenance such as vacuuming, mopping, and keeping the floor dry. Our flooring contractors Aurora offer hardwood floor refinishing to address potential safety hazards.


Wood is one of the best earth-friendly materials because it is sustainable. It can also be used more than once. It can be sanded and recycled for other projects. Engineered wood flooring can last up to 100 years if properly maintained. If the wood becomes damaged, our company can help you with hardwood refinishing Aurora.

Low Maintenance

Hardwood flooring Aurora is known for its high-quality and low-maintenance; that is why many homeowners choose it. It is easy to keep clean and gives a better impression. A little cleaning using a vacuum, routine sweeping, and applying polyurethane coating for minor scratches can make it look new again.

Unsurpassed Beauty & Value

While other floors start to look tired and worn, hardwood flooring will still look beautiful. As time goes by, hardwood flooring becomes valuable. The beauty of each plank adds authenticity and natural appeal to any space. The best thing is you can have a wood floor refinishing Aurora to revive its beauty.

Check Our Hardwood Flooring Aurora Projects


Check Our Hardwood Flooring Aurora Projects


The Importance of Hiring an Expert Contractor for Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Aurora

Homeowners in the Aurora area find hardwood flooring appealing because of its durability and aesthetic value. Those who have children and pets prefer it more because hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and there are flooring contractors Aurora that they can consult on how to go about their preferences. That’s right, you will need the help of a professional floor installer if you want your flooring installation to be done properly and last longer.


These contractors have the know-how and technical skill, from years of experience, to properly install and maintain hardwood flooring. They can also perform hardwood refinishing, wood floor staining, and other services that will require the services of skilled professionals. Treading the DIY route can seem more budget-friendly at first, but having professionals work on your hardwood floor installation Aurora will give you the advantage of having the expertise of these flooring contractors who can suggest high-quality materials, give valuable insights along with the professional labor, and will take a longer time before you have to do repairs or maintenance.


If you prefer professional hardwood flooring services from a reputable flooring contractor Aurora, call us now and we will see to it that your hardwood flooring concerns will be addressed properly.

How to Make Your Property Stand Out With Hardwood Flooring Aurora?

One way to attract clients and keep your reputation clean is to make sure your flooring is pleasing to the eyes. Even if you’re just beautifying your home, proper flooring can give an air of luxury and can increase the value of your home, should you wish to cash it in. If anything, making sure your flooring is not damaged can make sure you have a safe space to work or live in.

Give your flooring an upgrade. Our flooring contractors team from OO Hardwood Flooring can help with new beautiful hardwood floor installation Aurora.

Quickly repair any damaged floors. Delaying floor repairs or cleaning can make costs accumulate and make it harder to bring back the beauty of your hardwood flooring Aurora.

Pay attention to your flooring’s maintenance. Make sure you keep your floor clean and shiny.  OO Hardwood Flooring offers hardwood floor refinishing Aurora services to safely maintain your walking surface. 

Professional flooring contractors can help increase the value of your home or office. Contact these professionals, like OO Hardwood Flooring, and learn our best practices.

Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring Aurora?

Hardwood floor installation is an excellent environmental choice for your home as it drastically lessens your carbon footprint. Wood being the material used doesn’t require much energy to produce compared to one ton of cement. Also, it adds natural beauty to a room. At OO Hardwood Flooring, we offer a wide range of hardwood floor refinishing options from brushed or smooth surfaces, lacquered, and even cross-sawn. These styles provide a unique wood floor that can complement your personality and style.

Wood is an outstanding insulator, cooling your home when it’s hot and heating it when it’s cold. It also traps noise, doesn’t attract dust mites and organisms that cause allergies.

Our flooring contractors Aurora are always ready to help when you need a flooring installer. We also provide floor refinishing, laminate hardwood, and many more. Contact us today to get a comprehensive project estimate.


Laminate flooring in Aurora is an aesthetic and high-quality flooring solution for your home. Laminate floor installation is applicable for any room as it is specially designed with a four-layer construction, providing extra durability and strength. You can choose laminate wood flooring in Aurora with an elegant natural wood appearance, which can complement your home’s decor. In this buying guide, you’ll learn how to determine the ideal laminate flooring for your space.
Laminate flooring has several layers of synthetic materials sealed altogether to have increased durability and strength. The synthetic layers include:

The Wear Layer: It’s the top layer of laminate flooring composed of aluminum oxide. This layer is among the hardest material today, and it protects your floor from scratches and scuffs.
The Decorative/Design Layer: This layer is made of printed moisture-resistant melamine paper. The material mentioned provides a natural wood appearance to the laminate flooring. Our professional flooring contractors at OO Hardwood Flooring Aurora will let you choose the design ideal for your space..
The Core Layer: It’s a layer of the laminate flooring composed of a wood-based fiber that is glued and pressed together. It is the core layer of the flooring that gives an extra strength that lasts for years.
The Balancing Layer: It is a melamine layer that provides support for your floor. It helps to keep the planks balanced and flat, and as a result, it prevents the floor from warping.

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